Lucia "Lucka" Binó, postdoc

Lucka got her Ph.D. at Masaryk University, Faculty of Science, working in the Lukáš Kubala lab at Institute of Biophysics, ASCR, exploring the role of hypoxia in the regulation of heart regeneration capacity. She also studied enzymes controlling hypoxia inducible factor during an internship in the lab of Panu Jaakkola at Turku Centre for Biotechnology, Finland. Later she joined the Karel Souček lab, Department of Cytokinetics, Institute of Biophysics, where her main interest was the heterogeneity and plasticity of cancer cells, particularly circulating tumor cells.

Lucka joined Cajaneklab in February 2019 to study signaling pathways of ciliogenesis in normal human cells as well as human embryonic stem cells. Outside the lab she is either creating and crafting things, wandering in nature with her camera or hanging on the wall, rock or in the aerial hammock upside down.