Annual lab retreat

June 2023

This year our lab retreat was a little different. We decided to be climbers for few hours in climbing area Hudy - Lezecká stěna Brno.

Star protocol available online

March 2022

In collaboration with our colleagues from Institute of Molecular Genetics of the Academy of Sciences in Prague we put together a detailed protocol for generation of primary cilia reporter cell lines using Flp-In T-REx system and/or retroviral transduction and the use of this reporter lines in live imaging applications to study cilia growth and transport dynamics.  The protocol is now available online at Star protocols (Cell press) as A protocol for generation and live-cell imaging analysis of primary cilia reporter cell lines (L. Binó, E. Mikulenková, L. Štepánek, O. Bernatík, D. Vysloužil, P. Pejšková, P. Gorilák, M. Huranová, V. Varga, and L. Čajánek).

New web launch

February 2022

With the recent formalization of our research group, we decided that it is also time for a new web. And new web calls for a logo.

New grant 

December 2021

Our Czech Science Foundation (GAČR) grant application Cilia-related Tau tubulin kinase 2 in health and disease: structure and function (1/2022 - 12/2024) was approved (info).

Structure paper published

September 2021

A study conducted in a collaboration with the group of Mark van Breugel, Queen Mary University London (info) was published in Cell Press journal Structure.  The paper Molecular mechanisms underlying the role of the centriolar CEP164-TTBK2 complex in ciliopathies (Rosa E Silva, I., Binó, L., Johnson, C. M., Rutherford, T. J., Neuhaus, D., Andreeva, A., Čajánek, L., & van Breugel, M.) describes detailed crystalographic structure of complex of TTBK2 recruited by centriolar CEP164 and how the complex formation is affected by ciliopathy mutations.